The New York Jets have held four training camps at SUNY Cortland's campus in New York in the last five years. 

That may change after a petition calling for recently signed quarterback Mike Vick to be banned from the campus for his contribution in dog fighting. Vick pleaded guilty to federal charges in 2007 following an investigation into a dog-fighting ring and served 18 months in prison.

The petition, hosted on the website (Graphic Image), is intended for school's president Erik J. Bitterbaum.       

The petition reads " I love SUNY Cortland, and cannot abide welcoming this sociopath onto our campus with open arms.  We need to stand by what is right as a university by barring him from the grounds.  I don't want him anywhere near my beloved college or community.  We MUST send the message that we won't be party to the torture of animals by conveniently forgetting what he has done.  If we welcome Vick onto our campus, we are complicit in his crimes. "

The Jets have yet to announce that they will return to the upstate campus this coming summer for training camp.

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