The news today that the Miami Dolphins will turn the starting QB duties over to Rookie Tua Tagovailoa is just the latest example of why the New York Jets aren't run as well as the Dolphins. While we wait (not so patiently) for the Jets to relieve head coach Adam Gase of his duties in Florham Park, the Dolphins are showing that they have a clear plan to move forward with their future franchise quarterback.

During garbage time of a 24 - 0 win over the Jets Dolphins head coach Brian Flores sent Tua out for the final possession. Nothing too severe happened. Tua went 2 - 2 with 9 yards passing and handed the ball off a few times. The numbers weren't important, the chance for the rookie to get on the field and feel the NFL atmosphere for the first time was all that mattered because it's clear now the plan has always been for "Tua Time" to officially start after the team's upcoming bye week.

ESPN's Adam Schefter broke the news earlier today on Twitter:

At first, you have to think to yourself "but Ryan Fitz Patrick is playing well" but after seeing Fitzpatrick's comments from Schefter's podcast last month I have to believe this was the plan all along.

So basically any drama has been removed by Flores and the Dolphins front office, they got Fitzpatrick because they knew he got it and now Tua has taken snaps in a game and will get a bye week to prepare for his debut. Ideally, that debut wouldn't be against Aaron Donald but the schedule is the schedule. Now ask yourself is there any way the Jets would handle the same situation nearly as well? The answer is no and sadly the Jets will most likely remain the worst team in the AFC East for a long time while the Dolphins will leapfrog them easily.

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