The Twenty Twenty-Two (2022) Turkey Day Trot ended in a tumble for two trotters.

That alliterative headline tells the story of a wild conclusion to the Turkey Trot, an annual 10K race that takes place in Downtown Troy, New York. Around the 31-minute mark, two participants were racing toward the finish, when they collided with one another.

In football, it would've been pass interference. In hockey, a two-minute minor for interference would've been called. If we're talking about the World Cup, both runners would've writhed in pain, likely never to walk again by the looks of it.

In running, however, it's nothing more than a crazy end to a race, but it did lead to a viral video being created in the days following.

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Two Turkey Trot Runners Collide at Finish Line, Caught on Video

A story was published by ABC News 10, as well as other outlets, detailing the events of a hectic finish to the 2022 Troy Turkey Trot race for two participants. The runners, Jack Huber and Xavier Salvador, were both heading toward the finish line, with the former gaining on the latter.

Huber and Salvador were trying to pass one another, with a fourth-place finish on the line. As Huber was set to edge out his competitor, Salvador appeared to hip-check Huber on his way by.

WTEN's story on the incident shows the rest:

Here's another look at it, thanks to the Troy Turkey Trot YouTube page. Huber and Salvador enter frame at around the 1:52 mark of the video:

After reviewing the incident, the Troy Turkey Trot released the following statement on their Facebook page:

After a review of video footage at the finish line and eyewitness accounts, the Troy Turkey Trot has determined that Xaviar Salvador (Bib 707) violated USATF Rule 163 as he and Jack Huber (Bib 957) competed for 4th and 5th place in the 10K at the 75th running of the Troy Turkey Trot. Salvador has since been disqualified from the event.

So, Huber has officially been awarded 4th place at the 2022 Troy Turkey Trot. Salvador has been disqualified, and 5th place has been awarded to competitor Matt Schafer, with a time of 32:21.

The finish line location, on River Street in Troy / Google Maps
The finish line location, on River Street in Troy / Google Maps

Luckily for all involved, neither Huber or Salvador were seriously hurt from the collision; both were dealing with road rash, bumps and bruises after all was said and done. Also involved in the collision, and also not significantly hurt, was journalist Amy Modesti, who got the up-close-and-personal angle of the fall that you saw above in WTEN's news package.

Modesti told WTEN that she was also dealing with bruising, and had a few areas bandaged up after.

It's a shame that the race had to end in this way for the two runners, but it did leave the rest of the Capital Region (and social media users everywhere) with a heck of a story to discuss at the dinner table, while eating our turkey and side dishes.

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