The Buffalo Bills are on the verge of the kind of season that reminds the Bills Mafia of the "Good Old Days". With a win this weekend the Bills will clinch the AFC East for the first time in 25 years but that would be a distant second to what Matt Milano and Gabriel Davis just did. All 8-year-old Jackson Delude of Buffalo wanted for Christmas this year was to run but being born without fully developed legs made that costly if not impossible. That is until Milano and Davis got involved.

Milano (pictured above) and Davis (pictured below) flew Jackson and his mother down to Florida to have him fitted for prosthetic legs then sent him to Disney World and paid for everything. As if the Bills weren't already one of the best feel-good stories in the NFL now you have two players doing truly historic good deeds. This warms my heart and makes me feel the holiday spirit for the first time this entire year.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
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As reported by News 10 the gifts were a big hit:

“When they said they were going to help get Jackson’s blades, there was really no words to describe what we were feeling,” said Jackson’s mom Ashley DeLude. “They’re so young and already wanted to be paying it forward and helping out Jackson to be able to run again- it’s amazing.”

Jackson’s mother says he loved his time at Disney World.

I already loved watching Matt Milano play linebacker because his ability to cover tight ends really adds to the Bills defense. Meanwhile, Gabriel Davis has become a legit third option for Josh Allen while John Brown has been out but now I'm a true fan of both. NOBODY CIRCLES THE WAGONS and supports their community LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS!

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