The Connecticut women's basketball team finished a 102-37 victory over South Florida  earlier this week. The win marked the ninetieth consecutive win for the Huskies, tying their own program's record that they set before a loss in November 2014. If not for a loss more than twenty six months ago, the Huskies would have a current streak of a one hundred and thirty seven consecutive victories. The victories have come in a dominating fashion for the Huskies. On average the past two seasons, the Huskies have won by an average of over forty points per game. After four consecutive seasons ending in national championships, it is fair to question whether UConn's dominance has been a good thing for women's basketball. Former Huskie Breanna Stewart build a career that puts her in the discussion as one of the greatest players of all time in the sport. I believe having a popular player like Stewart is great to draw eyes of non-women's basketball fans to the sport. However now that Stewart has left to the professional ranks, why watch UConn dominate other teams? Levack expressed on the show today that if it wasn't for the streak, would casual sports fans be even mentioning women's basketball? It's a fair point but a point that does not have to continue to carry weight into the future. The best sport stories are the "David vs Goliath" match ups in which David is able to pull off the upset. There is not even a program close to being competitive with the Huskies right now to get close to an upset. Show me a possible Cinderella, and I'll believe the dominance of UConn is good for women's basketball. Do you believe UConn's dominance is good for the sport? Let us know below.


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