If you've walked outside today, and noticed that the sky looks a bit different than normal, you're both not crazy, and not alone.

Many Capital Region and Upstate New York residents have had the same revelation. On a day when one would expect bright sun and blue skies, the weather has been anything but that. Instead, an oddly-colored haze seems to be hanging over the area.

The cause of this strange, apocalyptical-looking sky? Well, we can look up north to find that.

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Canadian Wildfires Leaving Upstate NY, Capital Region with Hazy Skies

A story from WNYT News Channel 13 and other outlets shared an update on the ongoing air quality issues facing Upstate New York and Capital Region residents this week.

The hazy skies and smoke-covered sun in our area have been caused by wildfires that are currently burning up north in Canada. From NewsChannel 13 First Warning Meteorologist Christina Talamo, the smoky haze is coming from wildfire smoke in Quebec, and being pulled southward by the jet stream.

As noted by the article, an Air Quality Alert has been issues by the National Weather Service, running through the end of the day on Tuesday. Oddly enough, thunderstorms are also expected in the early evening, making for a truly unique day of weather in our area.

Unsplash / Gary Fultz
Unsplash / Gary Fultz

Wildfires have been an on-going issue across Canada this week, with NBC News reporting that areas of both Quebec and Nova Scotia have been hit hard by the fires in recent days. Global News also mentioned the province of Manitoba as having dealt with serious wildfire issues in recent days.

With that amount of land impacted by fires, New Yorkers can expect to deal with hazy skies and the vague smell of smoke for a few more days, it would appear.

More to come.

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