Three weeks after air quality in New York reached historically unhealthy levels, the Empire State is slated for another stretch with poor air quality this week. As Canada continues to battle on-going wildfires, the northern United States continues to suffer the consequences.

We have the latest updates on what you can expect, and when you'll be smelling that faint burning smell.

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Western, Upstate New York Entrenched in Second Battle with Poor Air Quality

A story from New York Upstate documented the on-going concerns in New York regarding the quality of the air, and the decisions made by the state so far as they deal with this crisis. An air quality advisory was issued for Western and Central New York that spanned all day Wednesday, and the issues are likely to bleed into Thursday.

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As the day progressed on Wednesday, the air quality index (AQI) began to reflect unhealthy conditions in many of the counties near Lake Ontario, according to The air quality advisory was then expanded to the entire state as the smoke began to travel south, and the timeframe of the advisory was also extended to cover Thursday.

So, be prepared for off-colored, smoky skies in the Capital Region as we move toward Fourth of July Weekend.

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The Air Quality Index (AQI) assigns a numerical value to the quality of the air in a given area around the world. AQI values from 0-50 reflect healthy air qualities, while 51-100 is considered moderate, and 101-150 is unhealthy for sensitive groups.

From 151 to 200 is considered unhealthy, 201 through 300 is very unhealthy, and anything above 301 is officially considered hazardous. For context, the AQI at Yankee Stadium on June 7th, when smoky skies forced New York to postpone their game, reached 413.

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Thursday's forecast is calling for an AQI of 140 in the Albany metropolitan area, meaning that the air will be unhealthy for sensitive groups. If you have a pre-existing condition that impacts your lungs, consider staying inside tomorrow, or wearing a mask when you go outside.

Wind patterns should carry the worst of the smoke out of the area by Friday, but for Thursday, definitely be prepared to take the necessary precautions.

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