Medal Ceremony - Winter Olympics Day 3
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Chris Mazdzer grew up in Saranac Lake and began his Luge career at 8 year's old making runs at Lake Placid. Now he has a Silver medal, matching the best finish ever for USA Luge and the highest finish ever for Men's Single Luge.

"It's been 16 years in the making, what you dream about as a young child and 20 years later you're finally on the podium," Mazdzer told the Associated Press. "I still don't know how to describe it. All I know is that I have my friends and family here celebrating with me and this is validation. Everything I've done, all the sacrifices, it's worth it."

According to Mazdzer wrote the following on Facebook:

"There comes a point where giving it everything you have and believing in yourself starts to fade away and I am almost to that point," Mazdzer wrote. "For some reasons unknown to myself, things are not working out as planned.

"There is a light somewhere in this dark cave that I feel like I am stumbling aimlessly through at times and you better damn believe I'm going to find it."

I've always wished I had the talent to represent the USA in the Olympics but I've always felt I lacked the discipline. Mazdzar may have had a tough time on his way to greatness but he made it. I for one am proud of any medal my countrymen and countrywomen win but I'm a little extra proud that a fellow Upstate New Yorker stood on that podium with our anthem playing.

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