Some day hopefully  the trend will reverse. Seems today is not that day. Some day someone will tell those offended they have no constitutional right not to be offended. Some day someone will tell these clowns to bug off and take a walk. Sadly that day is not here. Here is the latest bit of nonsense from the offended.

New Ohio State coach Urban Meyer likes to make examples of players he feels are "loafing" during practice. Another words not giving full effort and cruising. He takes them off the field and makes them wear lavander tops. They shamed players stand out after they are called out.

Well the practice is over thanks to the campus LGBT folks. After complaining how it was "offensive" because lavander is "feminine" Myer sadly backed down and apologized to this group of easily offended fools.

Meyer wrote the LGBT  campus group called "scarlett and gay" apologizing and vowing to use a different color. How disgusting. How disgraceful. This is a leader? Backing down on the dumbest of complaints.

Meyer wrote "the use of Purple was never intended to be used to offend anyone, but since it has, we have taken steps to change the color". Oh boo hoo LGBT. Do we have to ask permission now what colors we can wear? is green ok? Yellow? I mean isn't there a group out there someplace that would be offended by using any color? You have buckled Urban and once you buckle these folks will continue to pounce on you. That's the way it works.

The groups whiney leader Tim Valentine (wait isn't valentine associated with femininity? ) explained " it would appear if lavender was the color of the mesh shirts then the coaching staff is trying to say if you are loafing, if you are not performing up to par then you are performing in a feminine way and so we are going to label you with a color that makes you non masculine".. I am not kidding with this folks. We now have to get permission what colors we  wear so not to offend gays. Disgraceful!!!!!!

Yellow could be deemed 'offensive" to Asians. I have a few Black shirts-Oh my gosh I might be racist if I wear one of those. How about my white shirts-Oh wait I may hate Caucasians.

This ladies and gentleman is what this has come down too. many of these special interests groups have no life, are easily offended even when no offense was intended, and live to say gotcha. This country is swimming in a cesspool. I am sick to my stomach. Oh wait is that offensive to pregnant woman. WHAT A JOKE


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