There was a time I  was all in on the New York Yankees signing Free Agent Infielder Manny Machado. That time has passed. Sadly, if you believe the oddsmakers in Las Vegas and some reports this weekend, the Yankees could still be the new home of Manny "Hustle".

MLB Insider and former Mets' GM Jim Duquette reported the Yankees had made an offer to Machado of $220 Million over 7 or 8 years. He later walked that story back saying he wasn't sure it was true. Now the Vegas odds are out and they think Manny is destined to wear Yankees' Pinstripes.

According to BetOnline


Who will sign Manny Machado for the 2019 MLB Season?

New York Yankees                    1/2

San Diego Padres                     4/1

Chicago White Sox                    5/1

Philadelphia Phillies                   5/1


And in case you were wondering where former Nationals' Outfielder Bryce Harper might land:

Who will sign Bryce Harper for the 2019 MLB Season?

San Francisco Giants                1/1

San Diego Padres                     5/2

Philadelphia Phillies                   4/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                15/2

Washington Nationals                10/1


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