Each week on Levack and Goz we offer up a simple question: WHY?!  At 4pm, the toughest questions to answer in the world of sports are presented, and the crew at 1045 The Team does their best to provide you answers."Wednesday Why?" is brought to you by the Integrative Sleep Center. Goz was off this past Wednesday, so Levack was joined by Brian "The Closer" Mariano on this week's edition.

This week's edition of Wednesday Why included the discussion of Manny Machado. Why did the San Diego Padres sign Manny Machado? Why is the Alliance American Football League struggling so much after just one week? Plus find out what other questions Closer and Levack dove into this week.

To hear the complete version of this week's edition click on the audio link below. (The audio will be available following today's Levack and Goz show.


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