The NBA world flipped upside down on Sunday night as Lebron James decided to take his talents to Los Angeles. The Lakers were listed at most sports books at 20-1 despite winning only 35 games last season but with trade talks with San Antonio for Kawhi Leonard, the books began lowering their odds to 10-1. Some books, including the Westgate Las Vegas super book, shut down wagering on futures for the NBA with free agency news unfolding over the weekend.

Immediately after Lebron announced his decision, the Lakers opened at 9-2 in most sports books to win the NBA title. Bets began pouring on the LA franchise and forces books to drop them down to 7-2 where they sit currently. Bets as large as $5,000 came in on the Lakers this weekend forcing most books to be at a significant loss if the Lakers were to win the title.

The Golden State Warriors sit as the favorite right now at -110 ($110 to win $100) at most books, followed by the Lakers and Celtics at 7-2 and the Houston Rockets at 7-1 as the only teams in single-digit odds. The Cleveland Cavilers now sit at 500-1, the worst odds along with the Brooklyn Nets and the Sacramento Kings.

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