Die hard Yankee fan reports from the Yankee clubhouse A-rod retiring. He's being paid 26 million dollars to go home. Yes he's getting his 26 million. That's the deal to end A-rod's run with the Yankees and maybe major league baseball. A few teams might be interested like Miami his home town and the Rangers but in all likely hood he's done. I took some time today to look back on A-rod's run and enjoy the highlights. It's time to stop bashing him and take a look back at an amazing baseball career. Over 3000 hits, almost 700 home runs and one world series ring. I went to the Yankee game Sunday it was a 3-2 win over the indians. good game. It was sad to see that only about 18 thousand fans made it to the ballpark but such is life when your hovering around 500 with a slim chance at the wild card.

Here is to 2017.