Cutler's on the verge of his first winning season as a starting QB but stealing that spotlight is Michael Vick who has made a remarkable comeback to the NFL after his criminal activity. Watching Vick is like watching some sort of coordinated dance piece – Cutler on the other hand doesn’t have much of a resume behind him and only really has a big arm to his credit. Both are two of the leagues most talented and criticized players. When they come together this weekend it’ll be interesting to see which will destroy the other, if at all. While Vick has reclaimed his place as the “in” QB, Cutler is the wildcard – nobody knows what to make of him – he’s the highest rated QB in the NFL even after missing three + games and an MVP candidate.  Cutler is a lot like Vick – his talent doesn’t always sync up with his reputation and sometimes doesn’t match up with his results either. When they come face to face will it make a difference? Will we be able to compare the two? Stay tuned..