You can help us fight Childhood Alzheimer's by simply voting for Purdue Head Basketball coach Matt Pianter. Niemann Pick Type C is a disease that effects children the way Alzheimer's effects the elderly. Our friend JP Honsinger battles NPC everyday and his family including his father Jay are right there with him.Jay joined us to update us on our buddy JP and all the ways we can join in the fight to end Childhood Alzheimer's. The Honsinger's have been taking the fight to Childhood Alzheimer's by raising money, raising awareness and making sure JP lives as much life as humanly possibly while he can.

Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter is one of four NCAAM coaches trying to raise money to fight various diseases. Matt Painter is our choice because we love our buddy JP and his bravery and courage inspires us BUT no child should go through what he has to so VOTE MATT PAINTER.

Go to to make donations and find out more ways you can get to know JP and fight a disease that attacks children.

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