The UAlbany Men's basketball program secured it's third straight America East title on Saturday afternoon when Peter Hooley nailed a three-pointer with 1.6 seconds remaining.

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One of the millions watching from home was ESPN's Dick Vitale.

"It was unbelievable seeing Hooley hit that shot," said Vitale, with Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team. "I talked about it during halftime of the SEC game. When Peter hit that shot, it was unreal. It was such a dramatic story, the fact that he went back to Australia when his mom passed away. And then he came back and hit that dramatic shot."

The Great Danes have gotten as much national recognition off the court this year, as much as on it.

Earlier this season, Hooley, the team's best player, went back home to Australia after his mom passed away from colon cancer. Just weeks before, head coach Will Brown put on a fundraiser at one of UAlbany's game's to fight the deadly disease.

Vitale brought up Brown's other off-the-court accolade this season.

"When you talk about Will Brown, he's special," said Vitale. "What he did for that kid JP Honsinger, it was unbelievable. The kid has Niemann- Pick Type C disease and he goes out and has him sign a letter of intent. I was so touched by that story."

Honsinger and his family have become familiar faces at UAlbany's games and JP was also front and center on national television Sunday night when the team gathered to see what seed they were and where they would be playing.

"Tell Coach Brown he’s my hero. What he did for that kid, 12 years, I put it up on Twitter. I said, ‘What a special guy’. He’s a winner in the game of life."

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