Waaaaaah. that's the gurgling sound coming from Washington. The poor little Caps still crying about the officiating in game 6 of their 7 game loss to the New York Rangers in the eastern conference 1st round. The Caps blew a 3-2 lead in the series and for the 5th time in 7 attempts they lost a 7th game of a series at home. It has led to perpetual whining from Washington.

Both contend, in different language that the NHL wanted the series to go 7 games and thus called no penalties on the Rangers in game 6.

Hey both of you cry babies sound like 3 year olds who had their lolli pop taken away by mommy. if you go and watch the tape of that game you will see the Rangers played a solid defensive game and weren't taking stupid penalties like hooking, boarding, tripping and those types  The reason why-The Rangers were quick to their assignments and not a step behind or slow which is when you get those lazy penalties. If you review the film you can see the Rangers checked hard but clean and effective.

The funniest thing about the bawling by both these whiners is that they seem to claim the Caps couldn't score at even strength, rather needing a power play to try and get a puck past Henrik Lunqvist. Henry shut out the Caps the last 2 games. he stopped 36 shots in game 6 and single handed stole that game. You review the same film and you will see the Caps took legit penalties.

McPhee used to be a popular Rangers known for feisty. He now sounds like he needs his diaper changed. What must be galling for both of these cry babies is this. In the series Ovechkin scored but 1 goal. Time and again Lundqvist stoned him. Yet Arron Ashem, no sharpshooter had 2 goals in the series. Outscored by Ashem!

What must be sticking in McPhee's craw is this. For the 2nd straight year the Rangers beat the Caps in a 7 game series. His best player had a mere 2 points in the series. His power play went south and the Caps Stanley Cup  aspirations weren't filled....

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Enjoy watching Rangers vs Bruins in round 2. I know us Ranger fans will!!!!!