It's official the Washington Redskins are no more. In their place, everyone join me in welcoming the WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM! This name will be in place until the permanent nickname is established but it's not a terrible logo or uniform.

Take a look at the current uniforms. I gotta say this is a lot of work for a place holder. I wonder if the Washinton Football Team will play this year or at least stay the name until they're sure there will actually be a season.

My final theory on all of this is to get people to buy not only the original Redskins' gear and whatever the new name will ultimately be but also grab up this interim gear as well? I do find it interesting that the Twitter name is now @WashingtonNFL but the profile pic is still the Redskins logo.

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For no other reason than to upset Washington fans here's a gallery of the New York Football Giants at training camp at UAlbany.

New York Giants Training Camp At UAlbany

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