I am biased. I admit it. But the fact remains that I cannot stop watching every NFC East game I can find. This division is bad this year. It is objectively bad. The division-leading Dallas Cowboys have only been able to muster an 8-6 record to this point and were shut out last week against the equally-mediocre Colts. The Giants were, somehow, not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs after going 1-7 to start the season until this past weekend when they too put up a goose egg.

Yet, I can't stop watching. As a Giants fan, sure, I have some rooting interest even when the Giants themselves are terrible (and, boy, are they ever). But there is something about the NFC East that just seems to keep my interest. Maybe it's the big-markets the teams represent that give the games some additional cache. Maybe it's that the Cowboys, hate them as I might, still retain their title of America's Team and draw interest from everywhere.

Divisional games always have some extra juice, but the NFC East amps it up to another level. These teams have all been around a long time and they are located in places where the games are sure to get plenty of hype and media coverage. I admit it. I totally buy into the hype. The NFC is a historically successful and competitive division and all that history keeps me interested even when the division has less-than-stellar seasons like it has this year.

On the last weekend of the season, I'll be watching Giants v. Cowboys and Washinton v. Eagles even if the games don't matter and I'll be having a good time doing it. Of course, everyone is so bad this year, the division will probably come down to the final weekend to see who can take the top spot in a terrible division.

Now, to start thinking about who the Giants should pick in the first round next season.

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