The Washington Redskins will officially be no more. The team has Tweeted out confirmation that they will be changing the nickname and abandoning the name and logo they've worn since 1933 when they were the Boston Redskins. This has been a battle for years now and it's finally come to ahead. The team's press release was spread in a Tweet from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter this morning.

That's the good news. Maybe just maybe an age-old discussion can be left behind and the Washington NFL franchise can get back to trying to win instead of winning a racially motivated debate. The bad news for the team is according to the New York Post a man has been scoping up the rights to as n=many potential names as he can get his hands on.

In recent weeks, trademarking guru Martin McCaulay applied for several potential names, Pro Football Talk reported. He applied for Redtails, Renegades, Monuments, Veterans and Red-Tailed Hawks. It’s uncertain if any of those are the one Snyder has zeroed in on. Reports last week indicated Warriors was the frontrunner.

Here is the latest odd on what names are the favorites. They’re courtesy of BetOnline (, Twitter: @betonline_ag).

NFL Odds

Washington Football Team New Name

Redtails 3/1

Generals 4/1

Warriors 4/1

Presidents 5/1

Redwolves 6/1

Lincolns 7/1

Monuments 8/1

Veterans 9/1

Americans 10/1

Kings 10/1

Memorials 10/1

Redhawks 10/1

Roosevelts 14/1

Skins 16/1

Jeffersons 18/1

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