Draft day is exciting for the fans.  But for the players, it's the day that all their hard work comes to fruition.  Luckily, we get to watch the special moment with them.

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It takes a lifetime of work to become one of the many players in the NFL.  It's days in the gym, non-stop nutrition, attending clinics, and being a leader, then you have to have God-given talent.  The odds of making it are incredibly slim.

Then, if you're lucky, you get a call from a general manager to let you know that all of your work has paid off.

Who is Dalton Kincaid?

In a nutshell, Dalton Kincaid is a tight end from the University of Utah.  He was considered one of the best pass-catching tight ends in this year's draft.  Soon, he will become the newest member of the Buffalo Bills.

When did the Bills select Kincaid to join their team?

The Bills were picking 27th in the 2023 draft.  This year they haven't had as much wiggle room as they have in the past.  They're tight against the cap and they had a pick in each round.  However, the Bills still chose to move up to grab Kincaid at the 25th spot after trading their 27th pick and their 4th-round pick with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Bills scooped in ahead of the Dallas Cowboys because they thought for sure Kincaid was going to get scooped up with the Cowboy's 26th pick.

How surreal must it feel to get a call from an NFL General Manager?

You've entered the draft.  You've watched what the media has said about you for weeks.  You probably have a guess of where you could end up but you can never be sure.  Players slide down in the draft all the time.

Then you get that call.  You speak with Brandon Beane and Terry Pegula.  Then you get to talk with the guy who is about to become your coach.

Congratulations to Dalton Kincaid!  Now get out there and win.


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