Any fight fan will tell you there's always a chance you see an image during any fight that could stick with you. This fight is going to stick with you for a long time guys. During Road to FC 39 this fight lasts seven seconds due to one of the worst low blows I've ever seen.

MIRROR - A MMA fight in South Korea was ruled a no-contest after just seven seconds when one fighter suffered a devastating kick to the groin.

Myung Hyun-Man was taking on Aorigele in Road FC 39 in South Korea when the painful incident occurred.

Coming into the bout, Myung had a record of 4-3 while 22-year-old Aorigele was 3-2.

Just seconds into the first round, Myung landed a heavy kick between his opponent’s legs. The blow saw Myung’s shin connect perfectly with Aorigele’s nether regions.

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