You know Jon Bernthal from his various acting roles in "Walking Dead," "Punisher," "Wolf of Wall Street," and more. And it turns out he has quite an appreciation of Saratoga Springs.

If you have ever seen the web video series "Hot Ones" on the First We Feast YouTube channel, you know what it is all about: host Sean Evans spends some quality time interviewing famous folks while having them sample hot wings with some of the hottest sauces known to man!

Actor Joe Benthal Shouts Out Saratoga Hot Spots In the Hot One Hot Seat

You know Joe Bernthal well from his many famous acting roles, but did you know he is pretty connected to Saratoga Springs? He spent time in the Spa City when he attended Skidmore College. Joe recently appeared on an episode of Hot Ones and Sean brings up his time in Saratoga and the role Cafe Lena played in his development.  When discussing the cafe, Jon also gives a shout-out to what he calls "one of the best fried chicken restaurants in the world." Check it out at the 4:51 mark in this interview:

We know the greatness of Hattie's here locally, and it is pretty cool seeing the restaurant get some national recognition from Jon!

As you would Imagine, Hattie's was pretty excited to see the shout-out as well!

The history and heritage in Saratoga Spings are pretty interesting overall, and when you really dig into individual spots and venues it gets even more interesting. And isn't it just perfect that the shoutout to Hattie's came about in a chicken wing segment?

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