A Fantasy Football league reached out to Goz and I asking if we'd answer some questions. They were interesting to me so I decided to share with the rest of the class.

Q1: Goz's Bio has zero mention of the NFL. Neither one of your bios say anything about fantasy football. Do you guys play fantasy football? (If so - for how long and how did you get into it? Been playing with the same guys forever or do you kind of float around? Do you guys like big money leagues with huge entry fees?)


I have to be honest I hated writing my own bio. Something extremely self serving about it that made me cringe so I just typed what came to mind when I thought about myself. Football is my number one sports love with baseball as a close second. Fantasy football is a true love of mine. I used to wager a bit in my younger days because nothing makes a football game more interesting than a cash prize at the end…that is nothing but Fantasy football. I love when I have a player on a team that normally means nothing to me and I need him to have a big game. It’s the perfect way to make a meaningless Thursday night game a lot more fun and interesting.


Q2: On Levack's Staff Bio it mentions he's somehow an Oakland Raiders fan. How does something like THAT happen? (How does ANYONE become a fan of any other team besides their home team? There are four Green Bay Packers fans in my league and I can not wrap my head around that. What do you make of the Raiders move to Las Vegas? With 3 pro NFL teams to choose from - Giants, Jets & Bills - can you guys breakdown how someone from New York ends up a fan of a certain team? Is it just proximity to the stadium? Do these fans get along?)


When I was 4 years old I watched the Raiders win the Super Bowl over the Eagles with my father. My dad wasn’t the kind of guy to devote himself to any one team. He had a chance to play football when he was younger and had the opportunity taken away from him through matters he couldn’t control. So watching him cheer for this Wild Card team to upset the Eagles stuck with me and I’ve loved the Raiders ever since.


I wish Oakland had stepped up and made it impossible for the Raiders to leave but instead Las Vegas made the Raiders an offer they couldn’t refuse…I look forward to going to an opening season game in LV.


The 518 is packed with Jets, Giants, Bills and Pats fans. All three stadiums are about 2-4 hours away. So the rivalries are heated and fun.


Q3: How do you think the addition of Brandon Marshall to the NY football Giants will effect Odell Beckham Jr's sanity as well as his on field/fantasy value?


This is the perfect signing for OBJ. The majority of OBJ’s TDs are from outside the 20’s meaning now they have a big target to take pressure  off of him inside the red zone. I think there will be plenty of passes to go around.


Q4: The Jets jettisoned Brandon Marshall, Geno Smith & Ryan Fitzpatrick and signed journeyman QB Josh McCown. What type of strategy do you think the Jets are hoping to implement in this year's draft? (What do they need the most? What has been their biggest downfall since they were last winning division titles just a few seasons ago?)


With any luck they will trade back and aquire more picks. The Jets need far more then what one draft can provide. That being said I will be shocked if they don’t draft another QB in eith the first or second round.


Q5: How has fantasy football changed the sport for you as a fan and as a broadcaster? (Fantasy football existed 10, 15, 20 years ago but I don't remember seeing so much focus on it on radio/TV back then as I do now. What makes someone a "fantasy expert" besides the show they're on telling you that they are one? How much should anyone trust a "fantasy expert" from radio/TV?)


We have a great segment we do ever Friday called Fantasy vs Reality. I make three picks against the spread with the hopes of cashing in Vegas style and Goz makes three Fantasy football player picks hoping to find hidden gems that can crack the top ten in their respective positions. It’s maybe my favorite thing we do. So I suppose the answer is it provides fun and interactive content we can all enjoy.


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