On Friday morning, Alex Feuz talked with YES Network broadcaster, Nancy Newman. With 'baseball' back on fans minds this week after the 2020 MLB draft, the focus is around who the Yankees drafted in the first round.

Austin Wells, catcher out of Arizona, was drafted by the Yankees in the first round. While there are some 'questions' around his defensive ability, what Buster Olney told Levack and Goz on Thursday is being a 'defensive catcher' may not exist in baseball in 2024. Nancy said there is a lot of people within the Yankees organization that we're very happy that Wells was still there when they had their pick, and a lot of people are excited to see just how he performs in pinstripes.

It seems like years ago Gerrit Cole was signed by the New York Yankees, and while he has made appearances for them in Spring Training, he has yet to make his official New York Yankee debut. Nancy breaks down for Yankee fans just what exactly they can expect not just on the field performance-wise from Gerrit Cole, but in the clubhouse when no one is watching.

One major silver lining with the season starting later than expected is that it allows more time for some of the Yankees to heal.  In this interview with Nancy, she gives fans an update on the status of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Aaron Hicks. Will they be able to return to play once baseball returns? It certainly looks positive for the Yankees, especially once we figure out just how many games will be played this season.

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