The clock is ticking on Major League Baseball and the MLBPA finding a common ground and agreeing on the 2020 season. ESPN's MLB Insider Buster Olney joined Levack and Goz to add insight into what we can expect from both sides and just how much damage baseball has done to its image and reputation with the fans.

The bottom line is Buster believes there WILL BE BASEBALL. The issue is it could very well be "a circus." If the two sides cannot find some form of common ground on let's say a 72 game season, the bad blood will most likely carry over into next year. Which is a huge issue considering that the collective bargaining agreement needs to be negotiated and agreed upon.  As if the CBA isn't a tough enough hurdle don't forget that the MLB TV contracts are also up. It won't be easy to get ESPN and FOX to pony up big money for a league that could be facing a strike and or lockout. Listen to Buster's full interview below thanks to Roland J Down Service Experts, your home for the Advantage Program.

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