Over the past few days Levack and I have received some tweets about old sports video games. For me, it is one of these three

MVP Baseball 05-The game play is so awesome. Minor leagues roster in a game released in 2005 is crazy. Plus the games fly by.

NBA 2K17- I still play it. Why buy 2K18 or 2K19 when you can already have rookies uploaded online? I could continue to play this game for years to come.

NCAA Football 14-As a huge college football fan, this is my favorite game ever. Building dynasties. Recruiting. Create-A-Teams. So good. And sadly the last college sports video game ever made.

What do you believe is the best sports video game ever? Why is it the best? Leave 1045 The Team a comment either on

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If your submission ends up winning, you could be selected as the bracket prize winner. Below are the dates for bracket voting.

Field of 16 and bracket released on:  February 28th

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