I'm continuing my rise back to .500. Maybe it was the new setting for my picks? Maybe it was going with mid majors and Georgia? What ever the case may be, I was 2-3 last week! My favorite play of Liberty-New Mexico hit with a landslide. I'm looking to continue to improve my record on the season (9-14) I love the OVER/UNDER plays this week. Sometimes when you can't find the right line, head towards an over/under play. I like two in particular this week. For some of you this weekend might be more fun to invest in some future odds (conference winners, win totals). Also may be you try a new parlay bet. I call these the "Kelly Wager". Three under dogs to win outright on the money line. If this hits give all credit to @SirBurt on Twitter. (Iowa,Louisville and Nebraska)  To find out my picks, watch the video below.  Maybe one day this video will be sponsored.. i hope


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