A family in Albany goes all-out with Halloween decorations on their home every year, and it's no surprise that it has become one of the most viewed in the area for those looking for some spooktacular fun.  But for those who dare take a closer look, seeing is worth believing.

Weeks before Halloween, people near Fleetwood Avenue in Albany can be seen checking this house out, and as you can imagine, this place really comes alive on Halloween night.

So, Where Exactly is it?

We discovered it last year while we were trick-or-treating with my 6-year-old son Brody on Halloween. We enjoy looking at people's displays around the holidays, and while looking for some fun neighborhoods to take him, my sister Sherri actually told Samantha and me to take him to the house at 30 Fleetwood Avenue, between Albany Med and St. Peter's Hospital in Albany.

When we got there, the owner of the home was putting the finishing touches on some last-minute technical stuff making sure his display was on point when trick-or-treaters arrived.

What's So Secret About this Halloween House in Albany?

When you take a closer look at the house, you may notice the very detailed and decorated front of the house is actually a fake facade.  It lights up, makes noises, becomes "alive" when turned on, and every October he places the addition on top of his own home.   It's pretty remarkable if you ask me.

He told me that the frightening facade took months to build and that he did it all by hand with the help of his kids.

Let's Take a Closer Look

What Secret Hides Inside the Walls of this Hair-Raising Albany Home?

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