With the documentary about Michael Jordan with unseen footage from the 1997-98 season set to air on ESPN, Jason Hehir joined Big Board Sports to discuss what we should expect. Of course with our mouths watering from something new to consume with no live sports, even the smallest of documentaries would appetize us. However this is one of the more amazing premises to a sports documentary you could ever ask for and I would be lying if I told you I was only moderately excited.

Jason let us in on some secrets mainly what we are going to expect from week to week and what suspects not only make an appearance but a significant one at that. Plus a specific moment in my mind he points out makes this even more special. Make sure you know what version you will be tuning into each week because the mature audiences version will air on ESPN while ESPN 2 will air a child friendly version. Jason also tells us how many 'f bombs' MJ dropped and well, it's not too surprising honestly. Listen above!

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