Earlier this week, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was allowed to play for his team in their Week 1 match up against the New York Giants. This is a result of his pending appeal from a six game suspension handed down by the league earlier this summer. This week, Levack and Goz were joined by sports morning radio show host in Dallas Shan Shariff. The guys found out how fans have been reacting locally to the news of the original suspension and the on going appeal. Shariff believes that have been close to a handful of blunders by both the NFL as a league and directly Roger Goodell during this process. What is the future of Elliott in Dallas at least for the foreseeable season? Plus we get into the Week 1 match up between the NFC East rivals? Where do the Giants have the biggest advantage over the Cowboys? How does he see the division shaking out? Find out those answers and more below.

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