James Holzhauer is a on ridiculous run as Jeopardy! champ. He is by far the fastest to eclipse the $1 million winnings mark. He shattered the one-day take-home, more than $131,000 beating the previous mark of $77,000 set in 2010. Holzhauer has won 17 straight games of Jeopardy! which pales in comparison to the all-time stretch of 74 in a row by Ken Jennings.

For as dominant as the 34-year old Holzhauer has been, his streak feels like a baseball player who has multiple hits in 17 straight games, but he still isn't as good as Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hit streak. Will Holzhauer surpass Jennings? He very well might, but his run is not yet as impressive as the one we saw fifteen years ago. The consistency from Jennings deserves our respect and the edge over Holzhauer for now, no matter how much money this new genius has won.

When Jennings' streak ended at 74 victories, his total winnings were more than $2.5 million. That's a number Holzhauer is on pace to pass by his 33rd win. As you'll see in the video from our latest Onorato & Bagnardi, I'm on the side of longevity and avoiding an upset for as long as Jennings did.

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