The Bills filled needs. The Jets took some chances. The Giants puzzles me. That's my snap shot thoughts on the draft. Let me add this- I am a draft by position need guy. Not a best athlete guy unless he is off the charts. The really good teams can adopt that philosophy and it works but if you have holes I say fill em with the best player on your board.

1st the Bills. The Bills have done the best job of filling gaping holes of the 3. In free agency Buffalo kicked it. getting 2 D.Lineman including the very talented Mario Williams was a great move by the team with the longest playoff drought in the NFL. Adding a Corner with their 1st pick in the draft in Stephon Gilmore was smart. Gilmore comes from South Carolina, a team with an under rated defense. Everyone talks about the "old ball coach" but the Gamecocks defense carried the day the last 2 years while SC was using bust Stephen Garcia and they lost running back Marcus Latimore with a knee injury.

The Bills used 4 picks on defense and 4 on the offensive side. I would rather have seen a 5-3 minimum split leaning toward defense. The Bills deficiency was clear last year. That and a better Ryan Fitzpatrick and healthy Fred Jackson.They later grabbed another corner from LSU Ron Brooks. How bad can you be if you played on the LSU defense. The Bills also took an Inside Linebacker  Tank Carter from TCU. The good part is the name Tank. Love that for a defensive player. Hope he wasn't involved in all that TCU drug stuff after the season ended. Love the TCU Football pedigree. Finishing off their defensive picks was Florida State Nigel Bradham a LB as well. What i do like about the offensive picks were 3 were Offensive Lineman.

The Jets are getting slapped around a bit for taking 6 foot 6 Defensive Lineman Quinton Coples from North Carolina. The media is on the '"lazy"kick. Interesting. When did he get lazy before his JR year which he then recorded 10 sacks or before his Sr year when he put up 7.5?  Pardon me for not going along with the script but the kid stays in College for his senior season then perhaps loses interest cause the team  hits turmoil.  I like the pick. The debate of who is a better pick won't be known for 2 years in not 3 or 4 or more. Coples must perform better then Melvin Ingrim, picked 3 spots after by the Chargers or the Jets will be trashed. They also threw the dice a bit with their 2nd pick, a much needed Wide Reciever Stephen Hill from pass hungry Georgia Tech. Word is he is a very good blocker with untapped potential for catchign footballs. he had only 25 last year playing in GT's triple option offense. I do believe the Jets gave up to much to move up 4 spots in round 3 to take the OLB from Arkansas State Demario Davis. A 4th and a 7th for 4 spots..Hmm. Among their 3 -6th round picks not sure why they took another bowling ball type of runner in Terrance Ganaway from  Baylor. Would rather have seen them get a slasher.

To the Giants. Now they are 1 of these elite teams that can draft for best athlete. I hope that's the case with 2nd round pick Rueben Randle from LSU. Not sure why the G Men used a pick that high when they have a nice array of talent at the position already. Also of the run of 8 WR taken to that point why was Randle the last of the bunch? I realize Jordan Jefferson can hurt any WR reputation but still. Their 3rd round pick failed a drug test at the combine, that being Virginia Tech's CB Jayron Holsey. Not gonna condemn a guy for toking a joint but how dumb do you have to be to doing a dubee when you know you will be tested and big money is on the line. Gotta wonder about smarts with Holsey.

I do like their 1st pick, also from VT, this being Running Back David Wilson. The Giants needed a RB bad with the departure of Brandon Jacobs and the foot issues of Ahmad Bradshaw. This was the Giants thinnest position in my opinion. No clue why a Tight End with the 4th pick but do like the rebound in Mosley and McCants the 2 offensive lineman taken after. You have to give the Giants the benefit of the doubt. The trophys demand that.

Of course all 3 teams along with their 29 competitors will sogn some street free agents and fill in some holes. I love the debates post draft but the truth is you will never know in total for 2-4 years who did well and who flopped.