There is no question who the better baseball team is. Clearly the Yankees. But think how much better they would be if the Yanks had the Mets starting pitching staff. I know Yankee fan you think you have the best of everything. I know you look down on the little cousin Metsies. But the truth is the mets starting staff is better then the Yanks!

We had a nice heated debate on the radio show the other day-Game On with Bruce Jacobs on 1045 The Team ESPN radio here in Albany. My crew and I went at it. Full disclosure I am a Met fan but a realistic Met fan. My producer Pierce Brix, aka Brixsie, is also a Met fan and more delusional then I. On the other side is Tech Director Brian Cady-BIG Yankee fan. Naturally our debate went down party lines.

Lets start at the top. CC Sabathia vs Johan Santana.. Health being equal it is a push. Both are great. Santana has the best change up, CC the fastball. CC also has more endurance for more pitches but Santana when the change is cooking is almost unhittable. Both lefty, I say a push

2nd spot is between Hiroki Kuroda and R.A. Dickey. Replace Kuroda with Pineda when healthy if you like..I say edge Yanks with Kuroda. With Pineda I say slight edge Mets. Kuroda is solid not spectacular. Pineda is a HUGE question mark even when healthy. Dickey is just now having some success. Not a big fan myself when a guy can't hit 82 on the radar but that Knuckler is rare and lethal. I say slight edge Yanks

3rd up-Mets John Niese. Yanks-Phil Hughes. I say advantage Mets. Niese is just coming into his own and has been great so far this year, and was solid last year except the team didn't score for him. Now unlike Yankee fan I don't think Hughes is worth booing yet but his season 2 years ago is starting to look like an abberation. he better develope another pitch (the change) or he might be out of baseball sooner then anyone thought. I think whats between his ears is his biggest enemy right now. Advantage Mets

4th spot-Mets-Mike Pelfrey. Yanks-Looks like Andy Pettitte soon. If so he moves up if he has anything left after retiring last year. Of course advantage Yanks even with Ivan Nova get the big edge. Admit I am sick of Pelfrey. All that talent and a total joke. Talk about soft..has a 95 mph heater yet likes to nibble on the corners. hard to watch him especially if he has a lead. he stinks!!!!!! Advantage Yanks. Nova hasn't lost a start since last June 3rd..Amazing!

In the 5 hole we have Dillon Gee vs Freddy Garcia. Advantage big Mets and Gee still hasn't hit close to his potential...Garcia has to fool people to get them out and he isn't fooling anyone this year.

So I say advantage Mets in the 3rd and 5th spots. Push in the top spot and depending what's with Pettitte I say advantage Yanks in 2 spots..It's real close. I say Mets staff by a hair. Your opinion?

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