Yankees starting pitcher Ivan Nova is coming back soon.

"[Joe] Girardi told us he wants to give him one more rehab start so either this Friday or Saturday, either for Scranton or Trenton," said ESPN's Wallace Matthews, with Armen and Levack.

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After his rehab start, if the Yankees like what they see, then the 28-year old recovering from Tommy John surgery from April 2014 could make a start within a week after being activated in the lineup. Around June 24th against the Phillies seems to be a realistic target date.

Once Nova returns, what should be the expectation level for Yankee fans?

"Good question, let's remember when he was pitching a year ago before the injury he was struggling and everyone was weary about him pitching. And now, since he's injured, everybody is itching, 'When is Nova going to be back?' I don’t know what we can expect with him coming off of Tommy John. You hope you get the Nova that was of 2 or 3 seasons ago but you just never know."

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