The pressing question of the offseason for many teams is about who their quarterback will be when games start in September. But in terms of a team where that question is almost unanswerable to the point where the possibilities are plentiful, it's the New England Patriots. They could trade for a Quarterback like former Patriot Jimmy Garoppolo, draft one of the many QB's in the 2021 Draft or sign a free agent. Can we sell you on a reunion with Cam Newton? Zack Cox will try to above and we lay out the reasons below!

  • Cam Newton has raved about his time with the Patriots and his relationship with Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels so there is chemistry still there in New England.
  • There are better options based on how Cam Newton finished last season but he had one of the worst, if not the worst pass catchers last year. He got to camp very late and he had Covid-19 and was not the same afterwards. Just so many factors working against him but the argument is there that a full offseason can produce different results with Newton.
  • In terms of drafting a quarterback, they are in a tricky spot for drafting a QB at 15. Mac Jones may be a little high at 15 and the top 4 most likely will not fall plus the Patriots have a lot of positions to address. It is not implausible to think that they could trade up for a QB, we just don't know the likelihood of that based on the Patriots track record since Tom Brady was so reliable for 20 years and they never had to address it in the 1st round.

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