The NBA All-Star game might actually be my least favorite of all the All-Star games BUT I love the Slam-Dunk Contest. I get that the All-Star game is nothing more than an exhibition but it's just so far from what I like about the NBA while still kinda looking like a game. Meanwhile, the Skills Challenge and the Dunk Contest are clear and pure exhibitions. It's all about the fun and exciting facets of the game. So when I see how badly last night's was screwed up it sucks. Knicks Rookie Obi Toppin should have won that contest!

I liked all the dunks. I know that some people weren't impressed all that much but I liked what I saw. I liked one dunk way more than the rest though. When Obi Toppin goes over fellow Knick Julius Randle and his father with a viscous windmill dunk the party's over! Here's a YouTube video featuring all the dunks, you tell me which one is the best?

I have to say I'm not even sure Anfernee Simons should have been in the second round let alone topped, Toppin. The most entertaining dunk between the skill and the fact that Toppin's dad Obadiah Toppin AKA Streetball legend "Dunker's Delight" was a drop the mic moment. So how does a guy ALMOST kissing the rim beat that? If Simons had actually kissed it I'd shut up but he ALMOST kissed the rim. Obi was robbed!

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