After another exciting in sports, it is time to figure what has some staying power. Each Monday at 4:00 p.m. Levack and I recap the weekend in a segment called "Monday Mirages." The segment forces you to decide. Does this team, player, performance having lasting power, or is it just a one-week mirage?

After a weekend filled with more undefeated teams being either upset or challenged, will any time finish the college football regular season undefeated? After the dominating way in which Alabama has looked this season, it is hard to think any team will get close to them. There is a chance this could be not just the best team Nick Saban has ever had, but they may be in the discussion for one of the best college football teams ever.


Will Julio Jones actually score a touchdown this month for the Falcons? Is Eli Manning poised to have a great statistical game tonight?  Will Derek Anderson remain the Buffalo Bills' quarterback? Plus was the movie Halloween good? Let us know below. Make sure you are listening to Levack and Goz at 4pm today either online at or on the FREE 1045 The Team mobile app. If you missed it, click on the audio below.

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