Every Monday we circle the world of sports looking for stories that could be "Real" meaning expect to see them more often or "Mirage" poof gone. This week with Goz on vacation Brian "Closer" Mariano filled in and we covered the following topics.

Real or Mirage: The NBA has the best all-star game of all 4 major sports?

Real or Mirage: The Blue Jays have the best rotation in baseball?

Real or Mirage: Darelle Revis will play again in the NFL?

Real or Mirage: Tony Romo will be a Houston Texan next season?

Real or Mirage: Jimmer Fredette will be on an NBA Roster next season?

Real or Mirage: Jon Niese will appear in 20 or more games for the yankees this season?

Real or Mirage: Anthony Davis is the real winner this weekend?

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