So here we are in week 16 of the NFL and the Cleveland Browns are 0-14. Just two games away from doing what only the 2008 Detroit Lions have done before, go 0-16. Sure there's been eleven winless teams but only ONE has lost 16 games. So yes the Browns are on the verge of truly terrible history. The dreaded 0-16. So who's left to give the Browns a chance at avoiding a perfect winless season? The San Diego Chargers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Best chance of getting off the snide is clearly the San Diego Chargers.This is a home game for the Browns, the Chargers are riddled with injuries and the Chargers have to go all the way to Cleveland. Plus RGIII is back and has a week under his belt.

If the Chargers take down the Browns then they'll be 0-15 needing to win IN Pittsburgh. Before you say well the Steelers may not have anything to play for the Ravens are hot on their heels. So the answer to the question is YES, the Browns will go 0-16.

We spoke to ESPN Cleveland's Matt Fontana before the Bills game and he was pretty sure the Browns were in trouble. Good news for Hue Jackson...there's no where to go but up.

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