This week at practice, head coach Mike Woodson said that guard Raymond Felton has been "distracted."

YA THINK!? The dude has two felony charges against him, of course he's distracted.

Podcast: Remember When Felton Said He Would NOT Be Distracted?

This is exactly why the Knicks should have explored the option of having Felton sit out - not make him sit out, but simply propose the idea that maybe bouncing an orange object on the hardwood should not be the biggest priority in Felton's life at this time.

Woodson has emphasized from the beginning that the team has Felton's back but yet never entertained the idea of having Felton take some time off. Obviously, the head coach is trying to overcompensate for an absolute mess of a locker room that he's had all year long.

Felony charges should be a distraction in Ray's life which is exactly why the Knicks have yet again fumbled the ball. Chalk that up with STAT's contract, not trading 'Melo and oh yeah, still having Woodson as the guy in charge.

Other than that, Go Knicks!

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