The New York Jets lost on Monday Night football to the New England Patriots 30-27. The 2020 New York Jets still remain defeated this season with nine consecutive losses. In the nine loses for the Jets, they are losing by an average of over sixteen points per game. In comparison to the two most recent defeated teams in NFL history (2017 Cleveland Browns, 2008 Detroit Lions), the Jets are still statistically worse. The Lions and Browns through nine weeks had four games where they lost by single digits. The Jets only have three. The Browns and Lions both posted 4-0 records in the preseason. We have still yet to see the 2020 New York Jets win a single game. Not only are the 2020 New York Jets quite possibly the worst team of all time, they also may be the worst assembled fantasy football team of all time.

Only four weeks remain in a majority of fantasy football regular seasons. The final four matchups of 2020 will likely if you will watching your fantasy football playoffs from your phone or if you will claim bragging rights for the rest of the season. How can you improve your chances to finish the season strong? By listening to another edition of 104.5 The Team's fantasy football podcast!

This week is the tenth edition of the 2020 season of WTF (What the Fantasy) podcast. Hosted by CBS 6's Chet Davis, 104.5 The Team's Tom "Goz" Goslowski, and fantasy insider Kyle Ray, this weekly podcast will help you win your fantasy football matchups each week.

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