Last night, NFL fans got their first taste of game day, with six NFL preseason games to whet their appetite for the real thing come September. While preseason football games are clearly not as compelling as their regular season counterparts, the majority of my Twitter feed was filled with tweets about the backups that occupied most of these games. This, despite the fact that there were plenty of regular season Major League Baseball games on at the same time.

This led me to wonder: would you rather watch preseason NFL action, or regular season games in Major League Baseball?

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of compelling storylines in baseball right now, but there are just way too many games for each of them to feel valuable in the grand scheme of things. With just four preseason NFL games, you feel like your team needs to make the most of every snap to get ready for the regular season. Not to mention how smart you look when you can name the guy that will come in to replace your injured right guard because you watched the preseason.

Conversely, the baseball games going on this summer actually matter and will have a real, tangible impact on this year's postseason, while the NFL preseason is a total crapshoot. You can go 4-0 and then lose all 16 of your regular season games, or go 0-4 and go 19-0. It literally means nothing, yet people watch, which is the reason why I'm asking this question.

Which would you rather watch: NFL preseason games or MLB regular season games. Vote in the poll below and visit our comments section to further justify your opinion.

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