The New York Yankees are in danger of losing pace with the Boston Red Sox. Thanks to extremely hot play from the Red Sox and a lack luster performance from Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez in a loss last night to the Tampa Bay Rays the Yankees are now six games behind the Red Sox.

This is an extremely frustrating situation for Yankees' fans considering Sanchez's lack of hustle reminds many of us of when Robinson Cano refused to hustle to first base. Cano eventually ended up signing a monster deal with the Seattle Mariners before testing positive this season for performance enhancing drugs this season. Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal believes coaching will be key here. Sanchez is too young and gifted in Diamond's opinion. Aaron Boone will get the opportunity that Joe Girardi didn't, coach the talented young star. I hope that Diamond is right because if Sanchez is at the top of his game the Yankees are far tougher to beat.

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