New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman spoke to YES Networks Meredith Marakovits about the Bronx Bombers offseason moves. Cashman's comments make it pretty clear where they stand on two of their current stars and two Free Agents that were on the roster last season. Let's play a quick game of "what he said and what he really meant" shall we?

Let's start with the man you see in the photo above, Free Agent and reigning American League batting champion DJ LeMahieu. When asked if the Yankees were any closer to signing LeMahieu, Cashman said "No, I don't have any updates there. We have had discussions, and our intent is there. Obviously, we have good intentions when it comes to DJ LeMahieu and trying to re-sign him, and I think he has the same on his end."

What that means: LeMahieu is going to be a Yankee unless someone throws STUPID MONEY and years at him. I would think very soon we'll hear that DJ is back in Pinstripes on a three or four-year deal for anywhere from $75 to $100 million.

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When asked if signing DJ LeMahieu would impact signing Masahiro Tanaka Cashman said "I don't think by rules I'm allowed to answer anything."

What that means: He gone!

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When asked if Gleyber Torres' struggles at short last year means he can be an everyday shortstop or do you move him to second base Cashman said: "I think you can do both. I think he's a better second baseman but he can play shortstop." Cashman went on to say "I'm not playing the blame game but he wasn't in the best shape to start the second Spring Training. So upon his return from the shutdown, we spent the first half of the shortened season playing catchup."

What that means: He's young and didn't keep up with his routine when the world stopped because of a global pandemic. Expect a far better Gleyber this season.

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Marakovits asked if Gary Sanchez is an everyday catcher? "Yeah!," Cashman went on to list Sanchez's resume and painted a picture of a hitter who can catch. There was also a lot of the going excuse of "It was 2020 and no one was great."

What that means: Gary Sanchez is a "Cashman guy" and he's far from ready to give up on him. With any luck the Yankees GM is right and we'll see the return of "The Kraken" this year.

To sum it up DJ LeMahieu will be back, Masahiro Tanaka will not be, Torres is going to be on Weight Watchers and Gary Sanchez will get every opportunity to be the Yankees everyday catcher.

Meredith Marakovits also asked about the Yankees willingness to spend money during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch below for that answer and also to see if you agree with not only what Cashman is doing but my interpretations of his answers.

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