These guys actually did old-school wrestling entrances at a wedding!  Nice!  Props to the ladies who signed off on this.  It begs the question though; who had the greatest pro-wrestling intro of all time?


The video is a little slow for the first two minutes.  It definitely picks up.   The guy who did the Ultimate Warrior entrance is my favorite.  The Randy "Macho Man" Savage groomsman ripped his shirt off in disappointing fashion.  It's always embarrassing when you go to rip your shirt off and can't quite do it.  It's like a hitter in baseball trying to break a bat over his leg and getting denied.

You gotta love the women who signed off on this idea.  Many times women provide a healthy balance of not allowing guys to do ridiculous guy things.  Every now and then you just have to let guys be guys though, ladies.  Good call on this one.

This video got me thinking about who had the best pro-wrestling entrance of all time?  Stone Cold Steve Austin?  Undertaker?  Someone else?  It's a tough call.  You can make a great argument for many wrestlers.  Who would you go with?

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