Tickets for the Yankees Red Sox all already trading hands at hundreds over the face value isn’t news to any one. But what’s news is which games these tickets are for.

Spring Training games of course, that’s right tickets for the spring training match ups are going for as high as 800 bucks on Stub Hub.  Which brings the question what would you pay to see your favorite team take on a rival in a meaningless preseason game. 

You’re going to see lots of things you won’t see in a regular season game.  I’m Talking AA and AAA players competing for a job 90 percent of the game. I’m talking your favorite players playing just over and inning and a half. The stakes have never been higher in the Grapefruit league, with Yankees and Red Sox both going after what ever the name is of the trophy you win when you win the league. There is only one Grapefruit league there is only one February/March.

My advice to you is save your money and buy some regular season Yankee Red Sox tickets. I mean you can get pretty good seats to a game in the Bronx for 750 bucks a piece, and the game might mean something.