The New York Yankees' terrible start to the 2021 season has been a bit shocking to most of us. The debate has been what is truly wrong with the team. Is it the pitching, is it the hitting, or is it a problem with the leadership? Last night when General Manager Brian Cashman traded outfielder Mike Tauchman to the San Fransisco Giants it appeared that maybe the front office blames the construction of the lineup. ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney feels that trade is only the beginning of a "course correction" for the Yankees.

What moves does Buster think are in the cards for the Bronx Bombers? He has what he considers the perfect player that could improve the team and possibly light a fire like David Justice did when Brian Cashman traded for him back in May of 2000. If you want to hear the player that Buster thinks makes the most sense to help get the Yankees back on the winning track and what he thinks the trade might be just listen below.

What do you think is Buster's idea one you'd like to see or is the price too steep? If you don't think Trevor Story could help the Yankees realize their postseason potential and possibly win their 28th championship then who should they target?

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I'm hoping somehow the Yankees keep their nucleus while adding Story and maybe even Cubs Anthony Rizzo. Fingers crossed the bats keep going like they did last night no matter what moves are made.

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