Brian Cashman met with the media on Tuesday afternoon and Yankees fans should be irate with what he said.  Cashman stood there and addressed reporters and actually said that he believes that the Yankees are pretty good.  He defended trades, defended his personnel and player development, and was even testy with certain MLB reporters at times.  The Yankees haven't been to a World Series in 14 years and it's very sad based on their standards and expectations.  Brian Cashman is not at the level that these other younger general managers are and nothing will change with this team in 2024.  Below is my quick take from the Times Union:

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman held a media gathering on Tuesday and his message was laughable. Cashman sounded angry and wanted the fans to know the Yankees are a good team that will be better in 2024. Not sure who he’s trying to fool but the Yankees under his watch have not made it to the World Series in 14 years and that's unacceptable to most Yankee fans. The Orioles are the best in the American League East and will be for the foreseeable future. The Yankees are just spinning their wheels but won't admit that. And until Owner Hal Steinbrenner forces change the Yankees are going to live in mediocrity.

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I feel bad for Aaron Judge and some of the players as they voiced their frustration during the offseason.  You can't put this same lineup out there in 2024 if you are the Yankees, but you know they will.

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