The New York Jets have been an utter organizational failure this season and they have failed themselves and Zach Wilson.  They finally bench Zach Wilson when it is too late and they should've never drafted the kid out of BYU in the first place.  He is a nice young man but is not a good NFL quarterback.  He was demoted to third on the QB depth chart under both Tim Boyles and Trevor Siemien.  The offensive line is horrible so Aaron Rodgers better not bother coming back this season with the Jets basically out of contention already.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in the Times Union:
New York Jets GM Joe Douglas should step up and take all the blame for the disaster that is quarterback Zach Wilson. He was a total bust and should have never been drafted No.2 overall in 2021. Wilson never faced the big-time competition to be successful coming out of BYU. Head coach Robert Saleh said he was learning and getting better watching Aaron Rodger's during summer training camp but that clearly was not the case. Jets should have had a much better backup quarterback in place and now they are paying dearly for it. Tim Boyle is not the answer, but he can't be any worse than Wilson.
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 Next up for the Jets are the Miami Dolphins on Black Friday at 3 p.m. at MetLife Stadium.  We'll see how Tim Boyle plays on Friday but it really won't make a difference as the Jets offense will still stink and the defense will still be very good and keep them in games as best they can.

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